Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I complete my order?

A. Simply fill out our online form and submit it to us online. Once we receive your grocery list we will contact you to confirm that we have received it and make any clarifications to your order.

Q. Are my credit card details safe?

A. Yes, we use PayPal for all our transactions. PayPal is a worldwide leader in safe and secure online transactions.

Q. Can I order by phone?

A. We only use our online order system. We find that that ensures we have a complete list.

Q. Can I reschedule my order if my travel plans change?

A. We will need a 24 hour advance notice of any travel plans that may effect when delivery of your items is possible.

Q. Can I cancel my order?

A. If you need to cancel your order, we will need 72 hours advance notice. This is due to the fact that we will begin making your purchases 72 hours before your arrival. If you cancel your services 72 hours in advance of your arrival day, by 12:00 noon central time, we will be able to refund your money minus a 5% processing fee.

Q. Do I need to be present for the delivery?

A. No, we will have all your groceries in your vacation home prior to your arrival. With the information you provide us we will make all the contacts with the property management of your vacation home to ensure your home is completely ready for your arrival.

Q. Is there a delivery charge?

A. All fees for the service are included in our flat shopping rates and the 20% of the combined tickets. No other fees will be charged unless the delivery is outside of central Playa.  Please contact us for verification.

Q. When I enter our billing address in PayPal, it says the order will be shipped here. Is that correct?

A. We will deliver your grocery to your vacation home using the information you provide us. We do not use the PayPal billing address.

Q. What happens if an item I ordered is unavailable?

A. We strive to deliver all items requested. If a requested item is unavailable, we will substitute for an item of similar size and quality.

Q. Can I add an item that is not listed on the online grocery list?

A. Absolutely! We want you to have exactly what you need to have a Bit of Home while on your vacation. Please feel free to add to the list. If it is an item that is not available in our area will we contact you and let you know possible other options.