Welcome to A Bit of Home in Mexico!

Tara and Luis are a husband and wife team that began A Bit of Home in Mexico to help family and friends while they are away from home. Tara was born and raised in the United States and has been visiting and living in Playa del Carmen for the past 11 years. Luis was born and raised in Mexico and has been living in Playa del Carmen area for more than 20 years. Together, with their combined experiences and the ability to communicate in both English and Spanish, make them the perfect team to take care of you and your family while you are in your vacation home in Playa del Carmen.

A Note from Tara & Luis

We started this company to help make your vacation and time in Playa as worry free as possible. For many years we have been helping our friends and family members work through the mazes of grocery shopping here in Playa by either shopping with them or having their vacation home stocked when they arrived to Playa. We decided to start offering this grocery service to new friends and family as well. We than began to see the need for many other areas of services. We are now proud to offer assistance with scheduling private tours, airport transportation and in home cooking services. We want you to make sure you have a Bit of Home while you are here in our home of beautiful Playa del Carmen.